From the desert southwest surrounding Tucson to varied locations around the world, alumni are part of the University of Arizona’s MSE community.  These highly skilled materials scientists or engineers are making important contributions to the field of MSE through careers in industry, national laboratories, and academia.

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Studying in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the U of A created great opportunities by providing a unique balance of academic and industrial training. Working on projects that were cutting edge and relevant to the semiconductor industry made it a natural transition into a career as a Senior Process Engineer at Intel's Logic Technology Development in Hillsboro, OR.

-Shariq (2011)


 One of the best parts of the MSE program was being exposed to so many different aspects of materials science such as ceramics, metallurgy, and polymer science. Being able to see, feel, and run experiments on each of these types of materials in the lab classes made the subjects a lot easier to grasp. The many solid-state principles I learned in the MSE program have helped me immensely.

-Bobby (2010)


"The degree that I received from the MSE department is an integral part in my daily interactions as a mechanical test engineer. I particularly enjoyed the mixture of theoretical learning and hands-on lab experience. The ability to apply the topics discussed in lecture to real world applications better ingrained these theories for future use in industry.

The curriculum in the department allowed for a complete understanding of the interactions of materials from an atomic to macro scale, allowing me to interact intellectually with all fields of engineers. I am able to take their ideas and my understanding of materials characteristics, to begin to design computational tools that will allow us to better predict the properties of future superalloys for the use in more efficient aerospace components. Without this degree and the influence of faculty from the MSE department, none of this would be possible."

-Ross (2009) 


The MSE department at U of A was exceptional and a unique experience. I am now working as a materials and processes engineer at Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, CA. We design and manufacture satellites for customers all around the world. My U of A experience prepared me for the detail oriented requirements of supporting test plans and lab work, as well as working on an interdisciplinary team to solve problems. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of the staff and students for those four years.

-Kristen (2006) 


In my current position,testing munitions and weapons, design failures are a big part of what I report on, and with my MSE background I'm able to not only report on the testing failure itself but provide insight into the material cause.

-Adam (2006) 


I am from the MSE class of 2003 and I currently work at Intel in Chandler, AZ doing assembly process development.  I have noticed the core technology experts in my department have MSE degrees, from BS all the way thru PhD and this is a field where we truly use our knowledge to revolutionize the computing world.

On a daily basis we use our knowledge of polymers, composites, material properties and thermals to create the smallest, fastest and most powerful processors in the world. Steve Jobs said Intel's best kept secret is its packaging and without a doubt some of our greatest and most effective packaging engineers have MSE degrees.

-Morgan (2003)

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