Tech Launch Arizona: Taking Ideas to Market

Of the 500 or so steps in making a computer microchip, up to 100 involve avoiding contamination.

One UA researcher has a better idea, a way to dramatically improve the cleaning steps.  He’s Manish Keswani, assistant research professor of materials sciences and engineering. 

But how can he prove that his idea to dislodge nanoscale particles from microchip surfaces is a good bet for investors? It’s not easy to get even good ideas to the market. 

Happily for Keswani, he was at the right place at just the right time. He recently won an award through the UA’s Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) to provide data to show potential investors exactly what his invention will do for them. He and a grad student are working to produce what technology developers call “proof of concept.”

Meanwhile, TLA will protect his intellectual property rights as it helps identify companies that might adopt his technology. If all goes well, one of those companies will want to sign a license agreement.

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University of Arizona College of Engineering