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Organic Polymers Could Improve Bioelectronics Thanks to Erin Ratcliff

Erin Ratcliff, left, and undergraduate student Zachary Kushlan examine an organic semiconductor thin film prepared in the Ratcliff lab.Assistant professor in materials science and engineering Erin Ratcliff’s experiments with organic polymers boost prospects for developing more sensitive wearable and implantable bioelectronics that can record, regulate and repair what ails us.

In a paper co-authored with postdoctoral associate Melanie Rudolph, Ratcliff demonstrated new ways to achieve selectivity for biomarkers, which is accomplished by processing a polymer in such a way that it precisely controls the rate of charge transfer between itself and a biomarker molecule.

Most of today’s electronics are made from inorganic semiconductive materials that are highly effective, but expensive and limited in compatibility with biological systems. In the field of organic bioelectronics, engineers are using organic conductive polymers to create electronics that are low-cost and lightweight, flexible and wearable, and easy to print.

Sound Over Silicon: Computing’s Wave of the Future

With a combined $1.8 million from the W.M. Keck Foundation and the UA, materials science and engineering professor and department head Pierre Deymier explores building a quantum computer that uses sound instead of quantum particles to process information

“Phonon-based computing has the power to change the world as we know it,” said Deymier.

MSE Wins 2017 UA/ASU Materials Bowl

Students and faculty mentors celebrate with the 14th Annual Materials Bowl trophyAt long last, the Territorial Trophy is home!

UA lost the trophy to rivals ASU after the 13th Annual Materials Bowl last year, but the twelve UA Department of Materials Science and Engineering students competing this year secured its return.

In a near sweep, Kurumi Austin and Eric Nelson won first and second place, respectively, in the senior capstone project and poster competition sponsored by the ASM International Phoenix Chapter.

Be sure to visit MSE's Facebook group for photos from the competition.

2017 Projects 

Kurumi Austin
Project: "Alkali Metal Fullerides: Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage"
Faculty Mentor: Krishna Muralidharan

Jeffrey DuBose
Project: "Effects of Band Engineering Between Type I and Quasi-Type II in Tetrapod Nanocrystals"
Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Pyun

Maxwell Duffy
Project: "Embossing of Chalcogenide Glasses"
Faculty Mentor: Pierre Lucas

Jeremy Elias
Project: "Emission Spectroscopy During Oxyacetylene Torch Testing of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics"
Faculty Mentor: Erica Corral

Jillian Grass
Project: "Multifunctional Polyionic Polymerized Magnetic Liquids: Applications in Magneto Optics"
Faculty Mentor: Palash Gangopadhyay

Neil Jenkins
Project: "Decoherence-Free Quantum Bit (Qubit) Analogue: The Elastic Φ-Bit"
Faculty Mentor: Pierre Deymier

Eric Nelson
Project: "Non-Isothermal Tempering of a Secondary Hardening Tool Steel"
Faculty Mentor: David Poirier

Claudia Ramirez
Project: "Image Analysis of Electroluminescence from Silicon PV Modules"
Faculty Mentor: Kelly Potter

Liam Richards
Project: "Recycling in Antiquity: A Study of Glass from Sardis, Turkey"
Faculty Mentor: Pamela Vandiver

Brian Swartwout
Project: "Environmentally Mediated Microcrack Development in Single-Crystal Silicon for Photovoltaics"
Faculty Mentor: Barrett G. Potter

Chris Tang
Project: "Nanostructured Si Thin Films for Supercapacitor Applications"
Faculty Mentor: Barrett G. Potter

Josh Vita
Project: Implementing Atomistic Computational Paradigms for Characterization of Thermal Transport in Bulk and Nanostructured Materials"
Faculty Mentor: Krishna Muralidharan

Douglas Loy Is TLA's Inventor of the Year

David Loy (center) accepts his award from David Allen and Kimberly Espy

On April 18, Tech Launch Arizona held its fourth annual I-Squared Expo & Awards, highlighting University of Arizona researchers whose inventions impact the quality of life of people in Tucson, across Arizona and throughout the world.

During the award presentation, MSE professor Douglas Loy was named Inventor of the Year for the physical sciences.

Loy holds joint appointments in MSE and the UA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. A prolific inventor, he is presently developing a nontoxic, long-lasting sunscreen for which he received early-stage funding from TLA through TLA's Asset Development program.

Photo: Douglas Loy (center) accepts his award from David Allen, vice president of TLA, and Kimberly Espy, senior vice president for research at the UA.

MSE Battles ASU at 14th Annual Materials Bowl

Materials Bowl trophyOn April 25, 12 MSE students will venture north to compete for bragging rights and the Territorial Materials Trophy in the 14th annual Arizona Materials Bowl capstone project and poster competition.

Seniors ​​​​Kurumi Austin, Jeffrey DuBose, Maxwell Duffy, Jeremy Elias, Jillian Grass, Neil Jenkins, Eric Nelson, Claudia Ramirez, Liam Richards, Brian Swartwout, Chris Tang and Joshua Vita will face off against rivals ASU in Tempe.

They'll be looking to take back the trophy from the Sun Devils, who placed first last year.

Accompanying the students will be MSE professor and department head Pierre Deymier, associate professor Krishna Muralidharan, professor David Poirier and senior program coordinator Elsa Morales.

View this year's event flyer (PDF) online.

Design Day 2017: The Next Big Thing, 100 Times Over

Student at Design DayEngineering affects virtually every aspect of our lives, and at the University of Arizona's Engineering Design Day on May 1, more than 500 students – including 12 seniors from the UA Department of Materials Science and Engineering – inte​nd to prove it.

The public is invited to see the displays in the Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom and on the UA Mall from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., and to attend the awards ceremony in the ballroom from 4 to 5:30 p.m., when industry sponsors will present more than $25,000 in cash prizes to project teams.

Download the UA Engineering Design app, available for iOS and Android! Find your favorite project and presenter, and then – new this year! – post to social media directly from the app.

MSE Faculty Receive Funds for Early-Stage Inventions

Doug Loy presenting at TLA I-Corps session; photo by Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch ArizonaDouglas A. Loy, University of Arizona professor of materials science and engineering and chemistry and biochemistry, has received one of seven 2017 Asset Development awards from Tech Launch Arizona

The funds will aid him in developing a nontoxic, long-lasting sunscreen based on bridged polysilsesquioxanes nanoparticles. He previously received TLA support to create and market biologically based sun protection

Marek Romanowski, a UA biomedical engineering professor with a joint appointment in MSE, was also awarded Asset Development funding, to develop a solid-state camera system for monitoring cranial nerve pathways in anesthetized patients.


Photo courtesy of Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona

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