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MSE Research Featured on the Cover of JACerS

July 2008 - Assistant Professor Erica Corral's research is featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (Vol 91, Issue 7, 2008). The cover art shows 'Crack-bridging in silicon nitride by single-walled carbon nanotubes', from a research article entitled, "Engineered Nanostructures for Multifunctional Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Silicon Nitride Nanocomposites" (Volume 91, Issue 10, pages 3129-3137 (2008).

Light-Induced Matrix Softening of Ge-As-Se Network Glasses

July 2008 - Dr. Pierre Lucas's recent paper "Light-Induced Matrix Softening of Ge-As-Se Network Glasses" was published in Physical Review Letters. Read more here.

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