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Prof. David Poirier Wins Bruce Chalmers Award from TMS

January 2007 - UA Materials Science and Engineering Professor David Poirier has won the 2007 Bruce Chalmers Award from the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). The award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to solidification science, which involves the physics and technology surrounding the transition of matter from liquid to solid. Freezing water to make ice cubes is an everyday example of solidification. Carefully controlling how this change occurs can dramatically influence the properties and, hence, performance of the solidified substance. Poirier will receive the award at the TMS 2007 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., which takes place Feb. 25 through March 1. Poirier is being honored for his contributions both to the technology and fundamental science of solidification, including his scholarly writings and his seminal textbook, which has set the standard for others in the field.

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