PhD Dissertation

Dissertation and Final Examination

The dissertation represents the culmination of the candidate's research. When the candidate submits it to the Committee, the document should be of a very high quality and the need for further editing should be minimum. The organization and format of the dissertation must be in accord with the requirements of the Graduate College as prescribed in its booklet, "A Manual for Theses and Dissertations." Some latitude is permitted for adherence to practices of technical journals in the candidate's field of interest. The student should consult with her/his advisor for advice in these specific situations. The presentation is expected to be complete and to include all of the details necessary to make clear the basis used for the theoretical and experimental treatment of the problem. Full use of appendices should be made to support areas dealt with in a condensed manner in the text.

The candidate will submit the proposed dissertation to each member of his/her examining committee for preliminary acceptance and minor editing suggestions of the work. As submitted, however, the proposed dissertation is expected to be complete, in typed form and technically and grammatically correct.

The candidate will arrange a time schedule such that each member of the Examining Committee will have at least three weeks to review the proposed dissertation before the final examination.

The Final Examination will consist of a presentation by the candidate of his/her dissertation in a manner similar to that commonly used at technical meetings in the presentation of technical research papers. The presentation will be followed by a question period in which the Examining Committee may ask questions related to the dissertation and to general matters of the candidate's field of study.

The report of the Examining Committee will be sent to the Graduate College. If the candidate has passed, the report will be placed in the Graduate College Degree Check office awaiting completion of the final copy of the dissertation. It is the student's responsibility to make corrections, addition, or deletions required by the Examining Committee. When the Committee approves the final copy, the student submits it to the Graduate College for its approval. The Graduate College will have final approval of the format of this final copy of the dissertation. When approved, the student must supply two additional copies of the dissertation to the Graduate College to be used as the Library copies.

Dissertation Copies

The student is responsible for paying for the preparation and copying of this dissertation. One copy must be provided to the major professor, one copy to the Department, and two copies to the Graduate College.

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