New MSE Graduate Course in Fall 2009

Erica Corral August 2009 - Assistant Professor Erica Corral will be teaching a new graduate course called MSE 596a - Section 2: "Principles of Ceramic Powder Processing." The course will cover the fundamental principles of ceramic processing that are used to form green parts from powder particles. Consolidation and forming techniques that form dense parts and high-temperature sintering methods will also be discussed. Details regarding the class meeting time, textbook, and special requirements are shown below.
Special Topics: MSE 596a - 002" "Principles of Ceramic Powder Processing"
Class Times: Tuesday and Thursday; 11:00AM - 12:15PM
Text: James. E. Reed, Principles of Ceramic Processing
Requirements: Open for graduate students in MSE, ChemE, and Optical Sciences. Special permission by the instructor is required for senior level MSE undergraduate student enrollment.

University of Arizona College of Engineering