MSE Wins 2017 UA/ASU Materials Bowl

Students and faculty mentors celebrate with the 14th Annual Materials Bowl trophyAt long last, the Territorial Trophy is home!

UA lost the trophy to rivals ASU after the 13th Annual Materials Bowl last year, but the twelve UA Department of Materials Science and Engineering students competing this year secured its return.

In a near sweep, Kurumi Austin and Eric Nelson won first and second place, respectively, in the senior capstone project and poster competition sponsored by the ASM International Phoenix Chapter.

Be sure to visit MSE's Facebook group for photos from the competition.

2017 Projects 

Kurumi Austin
Project: "Alkali Metal Fullerides: Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage"
Faculty Mentor: Krishna Muralidharan

Jeffrey DuBose
Project: "Effects of Band Engineering Between Type I and Quasi-Type II in Tetrapod Nanocrystals"
Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Pyun

Maxwell Duffy
Project: "Embossing of Chalcogenide Glasses"
Faculty Mentor: Pierre Lucas

Jeremy Elias
Project: "Emission Spectroscopy During Oxyacetylene Torch Testing of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics"
Faculty Mentor: Erica Corral

Jillian Grass
Project: "Multifunctional Polyionic Polymerized Magnetic Liquids: Applications in Magneto Optics"
Faculty Mentor: Palash Gangopadhyay

Neil Jenkins
Project: "Decoherence-Free Quantum Bit (Qubit) Analogue: The Elastic Φ-Bit"
Faculty Mentor: Pierre Deymier

Eric Nelson
Project: "Non-Isothermal Tempering of a Secondary Hardening Tool Steel"
Faculty Mentor: David Poirier

Claudia Ramirez
Project: "Image Analysis of Electroluminescence from Silicon PV Modules"
Faculty Mentor: Kelly Potter

Liam Richards
Project: "Recycling in Antiquity: A Study of Glass from Sardis, Turkey"
Faculty Mentor: Pamela Vandiver

Brian Swartwout
Project: "Environmentally Mediated Microcrack Development in Single-Crystal Silicon for Photovoltaics"
Faculty Mentor: Barrett G. Potter

Chris Tang
Project: "Nanostructured Si Thin Films for Supercapacitor Applications"
Faculty Mentor: Barrett G. Potter

Josh Vita
Project: Implementing Atomistic Computational Paradigms for Characterization of Thermal Transport in Bulk and Nanostructured Materials"
Faculty Mentor: Krishna Muralidharan

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